Saturday, February 8, 2014

Object Rotterdam

Today was a a typically Dutch day, grey, heavy showers and a lot, and I mean A LOT of wind, so it took me some courage to decide that I really wanted to see the Object Rotterdam Fair at the other side of the Maas. Luckily, in the afternoon the showers were blown to the east and I only had to deal with the wind, so the decision was made; GO.
The design objects were located in Rem Koolhaas' new building The Rotterdam, Rotterdam's biggest building, overseeing the city from the south side of the Maas. The enormous building offered a great exhibition space. The main exhibition was at the ground floor and in the lobby, but the more interesting objects were given a more interesting location as well; the apartments in the tower. So we also got a chance to enjoy the beautiful view from the 30th and 44th floor. Unfortunately for the present designers the spectacular view took away a lot of the visitor's attention ...
Besides the view, one of the most beautiful and inspiring objects I spotted during my visit was this amazing 'Japanese Binding' closet of Studio Makkink & Bey. Of course that's not the real name of this special design, but it's the first thing that came in mind seeing this beautiful designed cupboard. The typical Japanese bone clasps are extremely enlarged, which gives the closet it's Asian look.

 Makkink & Bey

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