Thursday, January 16, 2014

Prien's Personalized Notebooks for Portret van Jeannette

Looking for a smile on your face at this rainy drizzling day ... check out Portret van Jeannette. Jeannette sketches little portraits of people and animals. These miniatures touch the essence of once's being with just a few lines.
Since the best ideas -or faces- always come to you when you are not at home, it's necessary to have a notebook with you all the time. And what's better than a personalized notebook with your name on the cover:) So Jeannette asked me to make some notebooks in A5 and A6 format with her logo on the cover. I used several techniques for the letters, like printing on paper and cover it with a very thin laminated layer or cut out the letters in flock foil and iron them on the bookbinders linen. I hope a lot of new great portraits will find their way to these booklets .. and to her Facebook page of course!

Prien Personalized Notebooks Portret van Jeannette

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